Corporate Services

All business transactions has need for unique competencies, the key success criteria’s and know-how that we have is valuable to industry related business and at Swedmec we have some of the corner stone’s to help you make your business unique.

The knowledge base that Swedmec has is formed by and between a few persons with long experience from working with European industry and from positions within European industry. Swedmec as a company has over 30 Years experience and together in our Team we have many more years.

Trust Swedmec in your next business transaction on the Swedish market, we will create a win-win deal for all parties involved. Due to our relatively small size we are flexible and we have a long and strong heritage in handling confidential assignments, this togehter with our broad industry network makes us the right partner for your business transactions.

Swedmec offers corporate services in various industry-related fields as below, we work mainly in Sweden and its neighbour countries in Scandinavia. Due to our geographical location we have our core market focus on the west side of Scandinavian in the Oslo-Göteborg-Copenhagen region.

For any questions in this area and business discussions please contact Peter Ahlström at


Business Advisory for SME

  • M&A

             - Private to Private
             - Non Listed to Non Listed
             - Lead generation for potential acquisition
             - Sales or purchase assignment of complete industries

  • Turn around
  • Management


Company incorporation

  • Forming of companies
  • Accounting
  • Recruiting
  • Salaries
  • Office Space
  • Set-up of Local office on a market inside the EU


Corporate Consulting

  • Training of your sales Team
  • Purchase supplier selection report in a specified commodity
  • Purchase Lead generation by finding the right supplier to match given commodity after given sourcing requirements.
  • RFQ / Bench marking study and report after given requirements.
  • Business plan for industry SME
  • Executive Coaching

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