Swedmec offers to serve as your partner and provides value added services such as

  • Our business model gives you savings/reduced capital outlay compared to starting from scratch and having to hire the right competence or use a conventional agent.
  • Swedmec already has local relationships with small and multinational companies on your desired export market in the European Union – both manufacturers and suppliers – thus giving you fast access to the market
  • We have OEM industry experience, which gives you a faster business turnaround and increases your ROI
  • We can assist you in marketing and sales supplier development if you want to diversify your customer segmentation we can assist you in the process of building your business in the chosen areas
  • Swedmec will bring you faster results based on time to market due to our knowledge base and network
  • Access to our experienced team will give you the desired boost in your sales strategy
  • Sales of Professional Engineering Services for resident or resource needs
  • We partner with logistics service providers and can therefore assist you when you need suitable solutions for getting your goods from factory to customer’s door by the desired mode of transport

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