Company policy

Swedmec’s environmental and sustainability policy

Swedmec strives to reduce the company’s impact on the climate by continuously working proactively and by consistently being environmentally aware in our choice of services, work tools and partners. We also require our clients to work actively with these issues.

Swedmec’s quality policy

Our commitment to quality is more than a policy. It is the core of our heritage and can be summarized in a few simple words: Right from the start and right quality on time.
In practice, this means:

  • We strive for profitability for everyone in the business process
  • We focus on the client to ensure long-term profitability and loyalty
  • Getting it right from the start means avoiding wasted time and poor quality of service
  • We follow up on every service provided to learn from previous projects and to continuously improve our offering and accelerate our organic growth

CSR / Social responsibility

Every year, Swedmec contributes to the work of local and international charities with the aim of helping people in need of support in the communities or victims in international zones of crisis and conflict.

GDPR Policy

We value our business relationship and take personal privacy very seriously. You can download our GDPR policy in pdf format here. Available in English only.